Dark Link

Technical support and hardware design.

Hardware Support

Supporting Windows, Mac, Linux and all related hardware, including system builds and upgrades

Hardware Disposal

DarkLink collect from any location, 24/7, and remove any hardware marked for disposal

Data Recovery & Backups

Recovery from all hard drive sizes and types, including Flash drives/USB storage and cameras

Antivirus & Security

System cleaning and full AV/Malware removal, client/server security diagnostics and patching

Web & Internet Services

Site design, hosting and backend services including email, FTP and server installation

Network Support

Boost WiFi ranges, diagnose problems and secure your network, for home and business


For home and business, we provide 24/7 hardware and system support, backend server support, system and network configuration and hardware technology repair services. We work cross-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, all mobile OS) and provide solutions for systems and infrastructures of any specification. With backgrounds in design, technology and engineering, the Dark Link team work on projects of all shapes and sizes,  from personal blogs and small business websites, to charities and educational entities.

Dark Link also provide hardware and technology disposal services for home and business clients, and aim to recondition and reappropriate as much as possible to charitable causes and businesses. We want to encourage secure, environmentally responsible disposal, provide a beneficial service to the community and reduce the environmental impact of electronic waste.

Dark Link are a small group of technology professionals based in Dorset, London and Sussex. Formally established as Dark Link Ltd. in 2013, Dark Link began as a freelance enterprise in 2007 and is named after a character created by Nintendo.

System & Server Builds

Antivirus & Malware Removal

SEO & Social Media

Web Hosting

Hardware Disposal

System, Server & Site Security


Backups (All OS)

Email (Exchange, POP, IMAP)

Speed & Optimisation

Data Recovery (all formats)


Mobile Support (all OS)



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