We can get the latest .iso files for Kali Linux and Ubuntu Desktop and make a bootable CD/USB with LiLi, or set them up with VirtualBox (learn how to set that up here).

Installing Kali

Kali is pretty cool, and has some brilliant features. Once your .iso has loaded you’ll have these options. Live mode is to run Kali from a DVD/USB, and is basically an OS that runs that time and that time only. Nothing is saved. Kinda like a rescue disc but for security. Persistence is a nice feature for Live mode, as it gives the option of saving configuration. So you can set up your Live DVD/UDB with custom settings and have them persist. Encryption is fairly self explanatory and we won’t be using graphical. Install is the one we need.


I’m fairly confident that you can get through a series of language options so no need for pictures. It will then start to load components…

kali14   kali15

Enter the name of your system. Don’t worry about the domain yet, you can always change this later.

kali16   kali17

Choose a root password. Root is the main admin of the computer and can do anything to any part of the system. Be careful with it, and choose a strong password (unless it’s a VM and you’re deliberately trying to destroy something)


For partitioning choose Guided – Use Entire Disk unless you have advanced plans for partitioning. For basic uses Entire Disk is fine.


Select the volume – this shows the volume I created in VBox, yours might be a physical drive so may look different.


Put all files on one partition, fine for basic use.


Hit Finish to begin partitioning the discs. Confirm to write the changes.

kali22  kali23

That will take a little while… when done I usually say no to a network mirror (all these options are configurable later.)

kali24   kali25

Confirm to write GRUB to the MBR. Choose your volume.

kali26   kali27

Hit continue to finish everything and boot into the new system.


If all goes well you will be greeted by the Kali login screen, so use the root username and password you set up during the install. Hello Kali desktop!

kali29   kali30