macOS Sierra does NOT support any version of Windows apart from 64-bit Win 10. Not Win 8, 7 or XP.

Existing Bootcamp partitions may be OK, but new ones cannot be created unless you have Win 10 64-bit.

Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 17.41.10.png

This is really frustrating and is in conflict with the advice that Apple give on their website.

“Mac models you can use with Windows 8.1
These Mac models support 64-bit versions of Windows 8.1 when installed using Boot Camp. Use About This Mac┬áto see which Mac you have, then check this list to see if it supports Windows 8.1:”

This is pretty disingenuous because “all these models” do not work. It’s the OS, not the model, and that is conflicting information.

I am using a Mid-2012 MacBook Pro and it is in that list. Since 2012 I have upgraded OS when prompted by Apple, and at some point (i.e. Sierra) I have gone past a point of now return.

When Apple say you can use Windows 8.1 in “Yosemite or later” they actually mean “Yosemite or El Cap, but nothing later than that.”

I have had two tasks today – install bootcamp and clone a single partition (out of 4 total) from one drive to another.

It has been nearly impossible using Mac, from even finding a straightforward partition cloning tool, to massive problems with Windows virtuals guests in OS X hosts, to not being able to even use Bootcamp, or see partitions created by Bootcamp on a Mac.

This is a massive fail. Windows and Linux has far more utils, easier to use and is more accessible.

Sierra is a massive fail for any professional users and just provides another reason to use Linux or Windows. With Windows I could have had the partition clones, free, in under ten minutes. See AOMEI for details, it rocks!