Setting up Ubuntu on my new servers and ran into a problem with Secure Boot Violation. I can’t boot into my Ubuntu USB because my system¬†throws this error message:

“The system found unauthorised changes on the firmware, operating system or UEFI drivers. Press [OK] to run the next boot device, or enter directly into the BIOS setup if there are no other boot devices installed.”


This is a security feature that checks your firmware and can restrict booting from certain devices. When the PC starts, the firmware checks the signatures of things like the drivers and OS. If they pass then the OS loads. If they fail, as above, then booting is restricted. You can read more about what UEFI and BIOS do in this post, but for the purposes of this we can adjust a couple of settings and get going again quickly.

The first thing is to reboot and go into the BIOS settings. We are looking for an option called Secure Boot, probably located under the Advanced Settings tab. In here, the options will be Windows UEFI or Other OS. Change it to Other OS.

This may require setting a firmware password, which is probably a good idea anyway, so change that if needed and make sure Other OS is the saved option. Save and exit (usually F10 twice will do this) and you can now boot into your USB device.