Recent stuff. A mix of Bash, Python, various command line bits, projects and general messings about.

Python - crack an archive password

Simple Python script that cycles through a words.txt wordlist to guess the password of an encrypted archive and output the correct result.

Python - search multiple files in a directory

Script that searches every .txt file in a given directory for a certain word string.

Bash - toggle WiFi and forget SSID

Bash scripts that toggle a WiFi connection on or off and forget the SSID.

Python - dice functions for a text adventure

A bunch of functions for a Fighting Fantasy Python experiment.

Bash - disable Gatekeeper OS Sierra

Turn off Gatekeeper to allow apps to be installed from anywhere. Good to have on if it's your machine, fun to turn off if it's someone else's.

Create an App with PyQt5 & FBS

Managing Python with a GUI has never been more fun...

PyQt5 Input Dialog

Defining searchDialog and text settings for our app.